Devotional Studies

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Devotional Studies

Below is a list of previous GHCOF Devotional Studies covering many different topics. We are sure there is something here to help strengthen your spiritual walk with Christ.



Seeing Life Differenlty

In today's devotional we learn that we see life a lot differently when we receive Jesus Christ as our personal savior.

Straying from the Lord

In today's Devotional we learn that sometimes straying from the Lord can have serious Consequences.

Which Am I?

We frequently think of the "evil companion" as someone else. Could it be that the evil companion is "me"?

Where is Your Focus?

Sometimes we focus on ourselves in the business of life instead of the Lord and we lose site of who we are and what we are supposed to be accomplishing for the Lord.

Each Day

As we travel through life, we’ll have many experiences which are positive, negative, happy, sad, adventurous, boring, mundane and challenging.

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